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Unilad take a WTT

At one of the busiest time of year, with festivities already flowing, imagine our delight at receiving a surprise visit on New Year’s Eve, from the legendary team of! The lovely and brilliant team asked to make a WTT  pitstop on their tour of NI and frankly, we were more than flattered to be included… Read more »

Spotted: The Culture Trip

Wee Toast Tours Makes The Culture Trip’s list of ‘The Top 10 Unusual Things To Do In Belfast’

There is nothing sweeter than knowing we’ve hit the spot with local and visiting Wee Toasters in Belfast so imagine the glee when we saw that our Tours had been featured in The Culture Trip’s list of ‘The Top 10 Unusual Things To Do In Belfast’ earlier this year.  The team at The Culture Trip… Read more »

Launching the Titanic

No, not quite that one, but we are launching our own Titanic adventure by adding a new Wee Toast route to our tour offerings. Now, in addition to Belfast City Centre and Belfast’s Cathedral Quarter, you have the option to select to tour Belfast’s world-famous Titanic Quarter, home to the ill-fated RMS Titanic not to mention many other draws… Read more »

Expanding the Family

This winter, the WTT team are delighted to be welcoming two more bikes to the family. Expanding our Toast reach, we’ll be working with more bikes, which means more jobs, more Wee Toasters, and most importantly, getting to hang out with more of you, more often! We are thrilled to be growing and beyond grateful… Read more »