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Day 5 Tour De Dance Finale In Liverpool 
A massive congratulations to  @ariellefree for completing her 5 day challenge as she cycled through 5 cities for 10 hours a day for Comic Relief👏
We are truly so honoured to be apart of hosting Arielle to support her through this journey. 
She has raised over 500k so far which is an exceptional amount of money for an extraordinary charity!🥰
Celebrating Internationals Womens day in Manchester with @ariellefree completing day 4 in Manchester 🥰🫶 #tourdedance #rednoseday #comicrelief #oldtraffordstadium #internationalwomensday
Tour De Dance day 3 in Sheffield 
@ariellefree is past the halfway point💪🥰 
#tourdedance #rednoseday #comicrelief #sheffeild
Tour De Dance day 2 completed in Leeds 
@ariellefree is smashing it!🫶❤️
#tourdedance #comicrelief #rednoseday
First Day completed in York with @bbcradio1 & @comicrelief 
You are incredible @ariellefree 💕
We are absolutely delighted to be working with @comicrelief this year! 
'Tour De Dance with Arielle Free' will see the @bbcradio1 DJ pedalling across the UK to raise money for Red Nose Day. She'll be on the road cycling our Wee Toast Tours bike starting on 5th-9th March 2023 in a gruelling test of stamina, strength and endurance. Just to make things a little more difficult, Arielle Free will be taking on this Comic Relief  challenge as she attempts to cycle for 50 hours, across 5 cities in 5 days…all whilst DJing live!
She’ll be joined by Radio 1 listeners in the empty seats who will need to pedal together to complete this once in a amazing challenge.
The challenge will begin on Sunday 5 March live on Radio 1 - so in the meantime make sure you catch all the build-up on BBC Radio 1, The BBC Sounds app and on social media as Arielle gets ready for the longest rave of her life in Radio 1’s ‘Tour de dance’ for Red Nose Day.
#RedNoseDay #RND2023 #WeeToastTours
🌹Happy Valentines Day! Spreading the Love on the Love Bike! 🌹@inspiringbelfast
The Original Wee Toast Tours - Experience Half Term Happiness!
Get the Craic✔️ ♥️ 
#london #belfastcity
Instagram post 18168901249261202
Thank you for all the good times in 2022 Wee Toasters!🥂We look forward to seeing you again in 2023!
💃🏽CLASSIC Wee Toast Tours Christmas! Are you Getten’ Ready?🕺
🤶🏼Our Wee Toasty Santas are enjoying their flight training!🦌🚴🏽‍♀️🦌🚴🏼‍♂️🦌🚴🏻🦌#itsbeginningtolookalotlikechristmas
🎁Enjoy a Wee Toast Christmas with Liberty’s of London and get your Santa on!🎅🏽🤶🏼#soho
🎄Saddle up for a Wee Toasty Christmas. #love #christmas #belfast #secretsanta #london 🎄
Christmas is back. Bring your besties.
Behind the scenes at our Circa Waves event in London. Traversing the streets of London as they celebrate the launch of their new album Never Going Under. Secret destination Spotify HQ.
Let the Good Times Roll! #christmas @weetoasttours
🎃Happy Halloween Wee Toasty Friends!🍂 #spice #halloween #derrylondonderry
Wee Toast Tour cycles Battersea Park!#royalparks
Who brings the City to life like no other? Show us the love and get the Craic! @weetoasttours #belfast #london #dontstop
🍻Don’t miss the Wee Toast Craic!🎃@weetoasttours #onyerbike
"It's worth remembering that it is often the small steps, not the giant leaps, that bring about the most lasting change."
— in her 2019 Christmas broadcast
She was a Queen like no other. An anchor in turbulent times. In her passing she has left behind a legacy, her strength and leadership as head of state saw more history than anyone. 
Ron and I feel sad and know that our collective Wee Toast family also feel sadness and are reflective as we consider all that she meant to us. #queen @weetoasttours
There is simply nothing quite like the fun times you’ll enjoy on a Wee Toast Tour. Pedal! Pedal! Pedal! #smile #london #belfast
Fabulous Fun on Wee Toast Tours #smile @weetoasttours
Wee Toast Tours Craic was mighty on this tour with appearances from five groups who joined up for a tour and became BFF’s. And that’s what it all about!🥂
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🥂Best Wishes for a Very Happy 18th Birthday!💐 #weetoasttours #sweet18
Eid Mubarak! We hope you had a Happy Eid.
Fired up with your besties & #weetoasttours
Who has that Wee Toasty Glow? #getyourgrooveon #weetoasttours
Good Morning Everyone! Today is London Pride so get on your bikes and GO! #pride #londonpride #belfastpride
Join us at The The Original Wee Toast Tours! #cathedralquarter #belfast #weetoasttourslondon💚
What’s Goin’ on Here? #karabikey #birthdaytradition @theobaker_
Kisses from Belfast! #muah #weetoasttours
It’s the warm up to summertime @weetoasttours
My love is like a ship on the ocean. #toomuchfun
Hello Darling! It’s Sigrid the proper Wee Toasty Kitty! @skintension #cats #catloversclub #squeek #meow #timeoutlondon
… And the World Is Turning Inside Out, Yeah! #weetoastclassic
Its so good to see the flowers come out to play in the sun
#weetoasttours #thingstodo #belfast #discoverni #beerbike #Ireland