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London Group Cycle Tour

Wee Toast Tours, the Original Beer Bike, arrives in London this Summer 2019!

Wee Toast Tours, Pedal Bar Bike in London

Enjoy a Wee Toast on a unique cycle tour through the streets of London

Travel in style and experience the London landmarks in a completely different way. Raise a toast with your companions as you travel. Cycle to our locals for a pint and experience our world famous pubs.

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You never know who you'll bump into!

Look who we bumped into during our 'Wee Tour' of London 😀🍻🎉 James Corden The Late Late Show with James Corden Dark Phoenix

Booking Options

There are two ways to go about booking your tour. Either coordinate your group so that everyone books the same date and time. Alternatively, elect your most organised friend to book and pay for the group then collect money from you all individually.


1 Hour Tour

One hour is enough to do a tour circuit with two stops for refreshments.

2 Hour Tour

More time means more sights, more pedalling and more stops along the way!


Book one seat at a time

You can book a single seat, if you are joining a group just make sure you've picked the right date and time!

Book the whole bike or multiple bikes

You can book the whole bike in one go and make arranging the date with your group easy-peasy.


1 Hour Tour:

Price: £25pp

Plus Booking Fee

2 Hour Tour:

Price: £50pp

Plus Booking Fee

Bikes hold 15 people and require a minimum of 8 to move, so you may be matched up with another group. Terms & Conditions apply.

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