Belfast Titanic Quarter Group Cycle Tour

Tour of Belfast Titanic Quarter

Pedal your way around Belfast Titanic Quarter

Titanic in name and in nature, swing through one of the world's largest urban-waterfront regeneration projects, Belfast's Titanic Quarter. Housed in the site where RMS Titanic was designed and built, look forward to powered past the famous Drawing Offices, SS Nomadic, HMS Caroline and of course the concept designed Titanic Museum dedicated to honour the ill-fated HMS Titanic.

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Booking Options

There are two ways to go about booking your tour. Either coordinate your group so that everyone books the same date and time. Alternatively, elect your most organised friend to book and pay for the group then collect money from you all individually.


1 Hour Tour

One hour is enough to do a circuit of Belfast Titanic Quarter with two stops for refreshments.

2 Hour Tour

More time means more sights, more pedalling and more stops along the way!


Book one seat at a time

You can book a single seat, if you are joining a group just make sure you've picked the right date and time!

Book the whole bike or multiple bikes

You can book the whole bike in one go and make arranging the date with your group easy-peasy.


1 Hour Tour:

Price: £20pp

Plus Booking Fee

2 Hour Tour:

Price: £40pp

Plus Booking Fee

Bikes hold 15 people and require a minimum of 8 to move, so you may be matched up with another group. Terms & Conditions apply.

On the Belfast Titanic Quarter Cycle Tour

See the sights of Belfast!

Titanic Belfast

Breathtaking in its design, enjoy powering past Titanic Belfast, the World's largest Titanic visitor attraction. A monument to Belfast's maritime heritage built on the site of the former Harland & Wolff shipyard where RMS Titanic was built. Creative and interactive in style, it's easy to see why this has become one of the world's leading visitors attractions and an anchor in the landscape of the Titanic Quarter.

Photo credit: Titanic Belfast

Titanic Drawing Offices

The headquarters of Harland & Wolff, these buildings became a creative hub to an industry that, at it's peak was like a city within a city. Home to visionary designers creating the largest, most innovative and luxurious ships of the time, enjoy the history of these magnificent buildings, still intact in their dockside surroundings.

Photo credit: Gareth O'Cathain

Harland & Wolff Cranes Samson and Goliath

Dominating the Belfast skyline, no tour of the city would be complete without standing in the shadows of these two massive cranes. While not officially classed as wonders of the world they are widely considered as such by local residents, synonymous with the city, the strength of the people and the vast history that comes with their presence.

Photo credit: Titanic Belfast

SS Nomadic

Tendered to the Titanic and the last remaining White Star Line Ship in the world, the SS Nomadic was restored to her original glory and brought home to Belfast's historic Hamilton Dock. We'll pedal past this beautiful vessel carrying with her 100 years of authentic maritime and social history.

Photo credit: Titanic Belfast

Titanic's Dock and Pump House

Continue your education in Belfast's shipbuilding history and wheel past the Dock and Pump House, the site where Titanic last rested on dry ground in 1912. With it's 44ft deep dry dock, it's said that amongst the massive pumps and hydraulics, you can still hear the echoes of the men whose labour build the largest and most luxurious liner of her time.

Photo credit: Titanic Belfast

HMS Caroline

Cruise past this First World War Battle Cruiser to understand that the Titanic was not the only boat to have history in Belfast. Converted into the floating headquarters for the Royal Navy Volunteer Reserve in Belfast in the 1920s, HMS Caroline gives visitors an insight into the events leading up to the Battle of Jutland as well as the history of the German and British Naval forces.

Photo credit: Reading Tom

Meet Our Partners

Cast & Crew

Nestled underneath the Samson and Goliath Cranes of Harland & Wolff and between The Titanic Visitors Centre and the Belfast Metropolitan College, Cast and Crew is one of our favourite stops in the Titanic Quarter. Established by the brilliant Belfast team who bring us James Street South and The Bar + Grill amongst others, you can't go wrong with this spot.

Cast & Crew
Titanic Hotel Belfast

Described as the world's most authentic Titanic hotel, the former Harland & Wolff headquarters and Drawing Offices has now become a truly stunning boutique hotel. With buildings dating back to the 1880s and many of the original features staying intact, this is one of our most popular stops. Combine refreshment with soaking up the history behind the design of many of the world's most famous ocean liners and the creation of the 'floating hotel' which went on to influence the design of many of today's cruise ships.

The Titanic Hotel
The Dock Café

Run by teams of volunteers, The Dock combines a relaxed and welcoming spot to stop and refuel with a gallery showcasing inspiring artwork and photography as well as Titanic memorabilia and historical artefacts of shipyard life. From Edward Harland's signature to Thomas Andrew's door, you may even find yourself eating your treats off one of the old tables from the Drawing Offices!

The Dock Café